Thankful for the many special occasional Thursday feasting

Home sweet home with my loving nearest and dearest

Apple pie and custard on a cosy autumn

November comes along with harmonic blessings

Kisses and laughter and dancing with joy

Stuffing with irresistible turkey and ham

Grateful for each and every bright sunshiny day

Ice cream and pecan pie for dessert

Visions of prosperity, good fortune, and wealth

I love this festive day of the month

Nutcrackers, marching parades, you name it

God is good, all the time



Halloween: A Spooky Poem

That Spooktacular time of the year

When angels and devils appear

Black cats riding on broomsticks

Mischievous goblins playing magic tricks

The witch’s cackle chilling to the ear


A good psychotherapist

Is a professional one

With the right PhD

And is an expert in one specific field


A good psychotherapist

Is a genuinely humane one

With good qualities and education

And has all the empathy in the world


Road to recovery

Medication keeps me calm

Replaces anxiety with serenity

At the tip of a palm

Therapeutic daily activities bring amenity


Resilience starts to take over

Fills my mind with pleasing thoughts

No side effects, no hangover

From the illness I have fought

Cool Summer

I feel so alive, I could dance and jive

On this warm and sunny day

Yearly welcoming season, it’s time to invite the breeze in

As I jog beside the seaside bay

How beautiful and bright, my blossoming and blazing light

That accompanies the aroma and fresh fragrance air

As I enjoy the swimming pool, the wonderful water makes my body cool

I love seeing the sun bloom everywhere

How I wish it could be summer all year round

As long as there’s sunshine, there’s no reason to feel down

Cake Dream

Cake, cake, delicious cake

The more I eat, the more I crave

Just one bite of the creamy sponge

Takes me on a sugar rush wave

Chocolate, coconut, vanilla

You name it

Marble Madeira mountain tier

Don’t forget red velvet

That’s right, irresistible cake

The more scrumptious it becomes

The more I want you to bake



Afternoon Tea

Put the kettle on

Let it boil and bubble

Place the teabags in the teapot

Make sure the flavour is double

Add some sugar or honey

Soy milk or coronation cream

To Twinings or Tetley

The taste will make you beam

What is your favourite tea?

Mine is green tea and herbal

Chamomile helps me get good night’s sleep

Keeps me cosy, ignites that inner sparkle