5 Law of Attraction New Year’s Resolutions to Attract, Create and Manifest More of What We want in 2017

Here is a list of five New Year’s Resolutions I’ve learnt by viewing the Law of Attraction. All credits go to Your Youniverse (from where I received the references):


  1. The first key to attracting more of what we want is to focus on the feeling we want to experience. Questions we should ask ourselves when we wake up each morning are:
  • How do I want to feel today?
  • What places/people/things make me feel positive and uplifted?
  • What should I start doing more of that keeps me happy?
  • Why do these things make me happy?
  • How important is it to me that I continue experiencing these feelings of happiness?



  1. To practice gratitude daily is easier said than done. We learn to do so by striving every day to seek out what pleases us and giving thanks to those things. Once we notice when good things happen, the next step is to extend appreciation for them. Also, we should be grateful for the things manifested in our mind. Here are the benefits of gratitude: When we are thankful, we produce the feeling states of what pleases us; this allows us to match more of what pleases us and attract it into our life. By being grateful for something “as though” it has already manifested, our gratitude offers the emotional signature of that special thing being complete


  1. Goals Written Down in Detail: this offers a physical component to the goals at which we’re aiming towards; they therefore become more solidified. According to research, those who write down their goals with specificity are 33 percent more likely to bring them into fruition; the potential to manifest what is wanted is increased by one-third through writing it down. When adding the details of what is desired, it is equivalent to placing a (very) distinct order


  1. The most successful people push the boundaries of their minds and comfort zones by taking more risks. In order to get more out of life, the barriers created in the subconscious mind require stretching. Our subconscious mind is what keeps us “safe” at all times, even to the fault of stopping us from achieving our true desires; the reason being because it cannot predict an outcome based on unknown variables. In order for us to stretch our life beyond its current circumstances, we must resolve to challenge our comfort zone to extend the boundaries our minds have created for us. To prove ourselves that we can do this, we start off with small things. And even if something doesn’t work out the way we hoped, the disappointing results are just a stepping stone to success rather than failure. We are taught to congratulate ourselves each time we consciously work hard at this task to reinforce our willingness to be open to new things. The more we expand what we think we’re capable of, the more the universe will expand what we have


  1. Last but not least, we must “Believe in [Ourselves] and [Our] Abilities.” We can only attract those things that align with our beliefs and expectations. Research shows that the main ingredient to any manifestation we intent to have is believing in our own abilities and create and attract whatever we desire or wish for or strive for. The way for us to begin building our belief is by envisioning our goals accomplished again and again with as much feeling as we can. Finally, we increase our mind’s belief in our abilities by once again starting off with small things. We should then remind ourselves consistently of the things we have created that we once desired, all this while congratulating ourselves for our abilities each time something new that we want shows up.



I’ve learnt so much from this life-changing secret source. But I’ve still got a very long way to go at manifesting my near-future wishes and desires, as it is bound to take time and effort. To everyone out there who may be interested, how far have you come manifesting yours?


Happy New Year & Happy Manifesting!


By Amy Bennett








Purpose of Life:

Feeling way beyond disappointed and utterly hopeless after the shocking results of the 2016 election, I woke up early one morning and decided to meditate for the first time in years. After less than five minutes, I noticed and felt a slight change inside my body. Not much of a difference has been made just yet, but I could say that I’m getting there.

As someone who doesn’t usually engage in meditation in their spare time, this is something new that I’ve been introduced to; I’m still (somewhat) a beginner. But one thing I’ve studied about meditation techniques is that they do wonders not only for the mind but also for the body, soul, spirit and physique.

After having downloaded the recommended Source Living application, I had no idea what to expect. I wasn’t at all sure, at first, if it would work. I will be one hundred percent honest when I admit that I had doubts about the reviews and responses. It was only when I viewed the first few video responses that I began to feel encouraged. One young lady by the name of Allie stated that “[we] should not give up whenever [we] feel that something hasn’t worked out; [we] will get good out of whatever it is that [we] want to achieve if [we] put [our] effort and soul into everything [we] do.”

According to what I’ve learned through this brand new inspirational experience, creating positive energy within our body, mind, soul, and spirit brings about many rewards.