Spiritual Awakening Signs & Symptoms|The Awakening Process

Spiritual Awakening refers to a shift in consciousness and perception of reality. It is an understanding and recognition of “oneness” with all existence.

Upon having viewed Your Youniverse video Spiritual Awakening Signs & Symptoms: The Awakening Process, I learnt ten physical and non-physical signs and symptoms I am experiencing at the moment, as mentioned in the video:

  1. Desire to be of service to others and to create more of a community-based environment dedicated to humanitarianism and harmony.
  2. Feeling more comfortable being one’s authentic self and having a strong desire to live one’s truth as his or her spiritual essence.
  3. Having an awareness of reality that goes beyond the physical senses.
  4. One’s physical body is no longer tolerant of things it once was as they imagine new spiritual realisations.
  5. One’s physical senses are picking up on new things, and they indicate a heightened perception.
  6. We are experiencing short-term memory loss, loss of identity, feelings of inner turmoil and/or feelings of being outside of our bodies.
  7. We experience sudden changes of disappearances of habits, social circles, daily activities, career or even the overall path we thought we might have been on.
  8. One is experiencing anxiety, panic or depression.
  9. One is experiencing vivid or lucid dreaming often and/or increased intuition.
  10. We open up to the realisation that we’re the creators of our life and begin to take more responsibility for our thoughts, decisions and actions, which make up our overall dominant vibrations.

Connor, Jessica. “Spiritual Awakening Signs & Symptoms (Are You Experiencing Any of These Things?) | Awakening Process.” Your Youniverse Channel, 2021, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=llAhk_KIXfQ. Accessed Sunday January 2021.

How to Set Intentions and Create Lasting Change

An intention is a guiding principle for how one wants to show up in their everyday life. It is rooted in how one wants to live their life moment by moment, day by day, year by year.

Intentions make people reflect on what matters most to them. Such as where they expect to live; who they expect to be surrounded by.

Intentions help to guide one’s actions, thoughts and responses as they move throughout their day.

My own goals and intentions that matter to me the most in my personal life:

  • Leaving home and moving out of this current environment I wish to not be in anymore.
  • Settling down properly in my own accommodation within the most suitable environment set up for my needs.
  • Being provided with access to special needs facilities I will be able to benefit from and make use of.
  • Surrounding myself with positive-minded and non-toxic people.
  • Having empathetic people enter my life and offer me support.
  • Attending cognitive behavioural therapy intervention programmes.
  • Being in a special needs therapeutic education programme.
  • Having a small circle of friends and fellow special needs peers.

The one thing most important to me in life is my mental health and wellbeing. The one thing that matters to me the most is having my mental health needs met. This is what I am aiming towards and hope to achieve in the New Year.

Wishing everyone the best in 2021!

My Covid-19 Journal

From now on my future blogs will only focus on raising awareness on Mental Health issues and sharing strategies for improving one’s psychological well-being.

Starting with how Covid-19 has affected my mental health.

The people I miss the most are my siblings (especially my youngest sister and her life partner).

The coronavirus pandemic has not had any positive impacts on my mental health; only negative ones. Being in lockdown means being trapped inside this toxic environment with one or two energy vampires for even longer periods of time, and my plans to leave this country and make a fresh start away from the negative energy have been delayed.

However, Covid-19 has also taught me a lot about value. With millions of people in every single country to have died from this terrifying virus, I have learnt to never take everyday life for granted.