Banishing Depression

I engage in my weekly meditation session every Sunday whenever I can. Set in beautiful and safe surroundings, this seventeen-minute duration therapeutic binaural audio enables me to banish my severe depression even if only temporarily.

Usually I continue to remain lying in bed after having awoken. Then I envision myself being transported to an alternate universe far away from where I am at the moment. 

When I open my eyes I envisage myself in a pitch black cave located somewhere in the Lake District. The scent of wet rock and the essence of petrichor arouses my sense of smell. I hear the sound of dripping water: it sounds as though it is coming from the cave roof; although I can’t confirm as I am unable to see anything. The voice of the gentleman and his appealing English accent comfort me on this bizarre journey. I am carrying a heavy object that feels like a large Sainsbury’s or Tesco shopping bag. I feel like dropping it somewhere; I have been wanting to put it down for a long time. As the semi-dim light appears before me, the details of my surroundings become more visible. A few steps away from me is a pool of water spread out like black and shining sill. When I move towards it and look down into it, I see a pattern of stars. I look up to see a hole in the cave roof; the star seems to pour down into it like a glittering waterfall of white silence.

The white beam of light coalesces into a human-like figure. Power, strength, and an absolute sense of protectiveness radiates from this God sent individual. My guardian has taken on the features and form of a special person; someone from a special needs organisation. I picture him/her as an attractive and kind-hearted soul. His/her light strikes me almost like a summer moonlight. He/she scoops up a handful of fresh clean water with his/her hands, offering it to me. In their palms, the liquid appears silvery-like; similar to metal. I tentatively taste it. It tastes unlike ordinary filtered mineral water; something about it leaves me feeling refreshed. I suddenly feel thirsty and drink more. I take one or two steps back and look at the heavy yet useless bag I’ve dropped. I am tempted to permanently let go of the heavy bundle containing my many countless burdens. My guardian encourages me to hand these burdens over to him one by one: anxiety; depression; frustration; bitterness; anger; sadness. As soon as they land in his/her hands, they crumble to pieces and vanish from the surface of the earth. I have been wanting to dispose of them for a long time.

Now that I am free from my burdens, my guardian scoops another cup of water. Since the bundles have dissolved in the water, I wonder if the taste of the water will be affected. But there is no taint of negative memory in the pureness; none of them held any power over me at all in the first place.

I get a proper look at my guardian and we smile at each other. I notice the rim of a full moon appearing over the edge of a rock far above me. It slowly floats into the centre, glowing like a white candle. It pours itself down upon me and upon the pool that fills the cave with radiance.

I realise that my guardian is far too bright to look upon. The shadows are pushed away as light flashes in my eyes.

Not too far away, the illuminations show me something I have not seen before: stairs cut into the rock leading into the outer world. My guardian reaches to take my hand; I accept it in return. I feel some sense of strength flood through my fingertips, up my arm and through my entire body. I feel it sink down to nest in my blood and bones, shining into my soul.

No longer feeling burdened, I find the strength to come to my feet and make my way towards the steps. When I look above, I see the moonlight lancing down. My guardian smiles at me and encourages me to descend the steps, which I do. My guardian follows close behind me. With each step, I feel a sense of relief which I am walking into.

I come out into a place of soft and fragrant breezes. I hear the sound of wind in tall trees. A dark landscape washed by the moon stretches before me. The air smells of cut grass which takes my mind back to my much missed childhood garden. It feels warm against my face.

Even though I have never seen (or been to) this place before, it seems familiar. It is completely safe here; a place of blissful sanctuary.

Perhaps the fresh mineral water – or simply the giving up of my many burdens – has made me start feeling tired. I decide to lie down in a midst of soft grass, listening to the play of the wind over the sleeping land.

I figure out that my guardian – whoever he or she is – is a benign presence, but also one who will protect me completely (especially from the negative and toxic people in my life). The force that emanates from them is both powerful and comforting.

There is light coming towards me. Nothing in this world (or in my mind) is able to stand in the face of that shining. It appears as if they have crossed twin swords above me, which are visibly clear; their purpose is to keep out everything except the good and positive.

Today, I bathe in the sense of freedom. Of light. Or possibilities, wonder, and bliss.By the time night time comes, I find myself falling asleep with a clear mind. I decide to come back to this refuge time and time again in order to rid myself of my bitterness and depression. Even though I am unhappy with my life and with life in general, I am grateful to my guardian.

My Future Plans to leave the US and move back to the UK After Many Years of Disappointment, Frustration, and Inability to Settle Down Properly.

Today I find myself staying at an Airbnb whilst making plans to leave America and move back to Britain permanently. For a while I have been practicing the Law of Attraction and have started applying a newly discovered Wish Manifestation technique known as Yamatech.

I have asked the Universe to show me what action to take to speed up the process, and the Universe has told me that I am supposed to leave this country and move back to England by June of next year (2020).

In order to achieve this lifetime goal even earlier and quicker than I hope I have attracted enough money to transfer my bank account and medical records back to the UK. I have also started making over the phone enquiries about the best place for me to live as soon as I have landed back in my home country.

I have decided to put my mental health and well-being before everything else in life because I deserve to be happy. Which is why I aim to applying the Law of Attraction in my life in a (very) positive way.

My 2019: Wrapping up 2018 in a Very Positive Way

I am grateful for 2018 and all the good things that have happened so far.

I haven’t lost any of my loved ones or left them behind. And even though we have all gone our separate ways, we are a lot closer to one another than we’ve ever been.

My difficulties and challenges have become less and less; my struggles have decreased.

I have been provided with many awesome opportunities: signing up with FutureLearn and enrolling in their fiction writing and novel reading courses from which I have achieved a great deal; I am going places with my novels, most of which are almost finished, and new story ideas are on their way!

I have discovered new Law of Attraction techniques by newly introduced LOA coaches.

Now I am ready for what 2019 has to offer.

Amy Bennett

Journal Five of Destiny Tuning: With special thanks to Heather Matthews & Katherine Hurst

Using Your Intention Point


A few months ago I received a couple of email newsletters from yet another inspirational author, Katherine Hurst. And it was from Ms Hurst that I learned all about how to use my intention point. It was also via her blog that I read some of the most incredible success life stories and testimonials.


I believe in the Law of Attraction, but feel that I am one of those unfortunate people for whom it doesn’t seem to work. It is hard to not get frustrated or feel bitter because of life being so cruel and unfair to some people. Life is not supposed to be about facing struggles or living in frustration and depression. People were not put on this earth to suffer endlessly but to be given the chance to make the best of life and live it to the full. I feel that I and many others shouldn’t be made to struggle with everything in life or have it so hard and tough while everyone else’s lives are filled with happiness and enjoyment. My hope is that once the Law of Attraction finally starts working in my life after I’ve learned how to apply it, I won’t have to struggle with life’s obstacles anymore.


Failure may not be our fault, which is 100% true. Failure is not anybody’s fault, as none of us are in control of whatever happens to us in our lives. The reason for some people being more fortunate and successful than others is because those who are able to manifest automatically use their intention point; they do so without having to try.


The fact that we are held back by limiting beliefs is not our fault either. These limiting beliefs – as Katherine Hurst puts it in one of her books – are passed down through generations. The negativity we have developed surrounding issues with money depends on what our parents have told us and how we have been brought up. For instance, too many times we have all heard of the sayings “money doesn’t grow on trees,”, “money is the root of all evil”, etc. There is also this popular belief that some people have to be lucky enough to be born with silver spoons in their mouths; I happen to be one of those many people to share that mentality when it comes to wealth. But as a Christian I also believe that having money and wealth is a good thing, only if they are used for good deeds.

By unlocking our hidden potential, we will be able to replace such negative beliefs and thought patterns with powerful and positive beliefs


It was at the very beginning of 2017 – a few days after New Year’s Day – that I tuned into Katherine Hurst’s Origins Presentation. I was way beyond moved by Katherine’s life story which she shared with me and countless dozens of others. In her presentation, she talks about being “an ex-corporate slave who escaped from the rat race to manifest her dream life”.

Katherine herself once struggled to apply the LOA in her own personal life and almost gave up entirely, as she tells us. She was stuck working at the same “cubicle slave” corporation for about 14 years before finally escaping and breaking free. Today she is no longer “chasing the carrot”. If she is able to achieve this, then surely I and thousands of others will also be able to. After viewing Katherine’s presentation, I hope and pray to one day experience the unconditional abundance I completely lost as a young adult and haven’t felt in years. I also hope to manifest my dream life, just as Katherine manifested hers.


Like Heather Matthews, Ms Hurst had been introduced to the Law of Attraction by a mutual friend, all thanks to a work colleague. Only this time it came in the form of a DVD. As she states, Katherine “put the big secret to the test”. Of course the results – at first – were disappointing. She started off with the same experience as countless others when the LOA failed to work for them also. She explains that while she loved the idea of manifesing abundance, she had grown up in a “save hard and conserve” type of family. That was when she gave up on The Secret and began putting in more effort by showing up to her workplace even earlier and working longer hours.

Then suddenly, there was a moment of so-called fate that entered her life unexpectedly. In desperate need of help, she phone her close friend’s uncle, who has been a true samaritan to her. Katherine told David about how the LOA failed to work for her despite having followed the movie’s instructions precisely. He immediately came to her rescue, and that was when her whole life completely turned around for the better.

“The Law of Attraction is real,” he told her. “But you got the wrong message from the documentary. You missed the most important part, the reason being why you and many others have struggled to make it work.” (I made the decision to quote David’s sentences using my own words.)

He then showed her a scientific case study run on a group of lab mice that had been conditioned to fear the scent of cherry blossoms – a fear they had had every day since birth. To make a rather long story short, the male mice shared the same cherry scent phobia as their offspring, even though those offspring were bred with female mice who were not part of the experiment. This exact same fear had been passed down from six whole generations, as discovered by scientists.


The conclusion is conditional fear having been passed down from parent to child automatically, with the child experiencing the same fear without ever knowing why. As David explains, “this is the one critical thing blocking [us] to getting what [we] want. And it is not [our] fault because it has nothing to do with [us].”

Our beliefs about what we want to have in life are based on conditions that run in our families. And the fact that some people were born into wealthy family backgrounds is the sole reason why the Law of Attraction automatically works for them. They were given empowering beliefs about happiness, success, money, wealth, etc.

And just as Katherine needed a miracle in her life, I’ve needed one in mine. Hopefully this will finally happen for me once I’ve been rid of my own conditional fears about successful manifestations.



Despite there being tons of misinformation in the LOA documentary and elsewhere in the outside world, we need to use something extremely powerful in order to get manifestation to work. This is where the subject of Quantam Physics comes in; as revealed to Katherine by David:

  • The four simple steps that manifest intentions on [our] behalf, and how to use these steps to get what [we] ask for
  • How the mind “tricks” [us] into manifesting what we don’t want, and how to turn those results around
  • Finally, the Number One reason why manifesting doesn’t work for some of us (including myself), and how we can learn to put the Law of Attraction to work without having to do anything difficult or unusual

And David’s greatest discovery? This is described as the “Intention Point” – a physiological mechanism 5000 times more magnetic than the human brain – which can be used to trigger the Law of Attraction if applied the right way!


Katherine went out of her way to teach her close former colleagues her Intention Point techniques from the Gratitude Garden to the Personal Power Generator. And to make a long story short, that was when her Law of Attraction fanpage blew up out of nowhere! Millions of subscribers began “liking” the page – what’s more I happened to be one of those subscribers.

The reason why I am writing this book is to not only get my voice heard but also to get Katherine’s name more well known, as she is among the few inspirations behind the Law of Attraction communities.

Journal Four of Destiny Tuning: With special thanks to Heather Matthews & Katherine Hurst

How to force the universe to grant you your wishes


Chapter four of LET THE UNIVERSE HELP YOU by M. Alexander gives us two steps to receiving what we want and need from the universe. The first step is to know what we want; the second one is to write down our list of wishes in detail and then read them two to three times daily, preferably early morning right after waking up and late at night right before going to sleep. M. Alexander states that the reason for this recommendation is because “[our] subconscious mind is closest in connection to its infinity source.”

British Dreams

One night I had a vivid dream about the new life I am currently aiming to manifest. Because my desired intention has always been to see Cambridge and Wisbech again, in my dream vision this is what I saw:


Cambridge, England

I found myself visiting this exact area, just as I had imagined it would look like. I was exploring the whole of Cambridge and Wisbech, whilst on a day outing with my new group from my accommodation. Going on trips and outings is one of the many things I have always wanted to do, and also one of the many things I aim to manifest.


Most of all, my main desire is to move back to England permanently in about a year or two, and be happily settled down here.


This assisted apartment in East Grinstead, Sussex, is where I will be living by God’s grace.

Journal Three of Destiny Tuning: With special thanks to Heather Matthews & Katherine Hurst

Being in Tune with The Universe


Manifestation Miracle Destiny Tuning – according to Frank Ring’s YouTube video of this topic – is the process of “learning to connect with who [we] really are and harness the power and essence of our true selves in order to create and attract the life [we] would like to be living”.

Manifestation Miracle teaches us that using Destiny Tuning means we must give up on the idea that abundance, wealth and success come from STRUGGLE, HARD WORK, and EFFORT – which are in actual fact the EXACT OPPOSITE of what makes manifesting truly work. Since Destiny Tuning is the missing ingredient to the Law of Attraction – as already mentioned earlier- it is extremely important for them to be combined, otherwise the manifestation will fail to work. When combined, this vital element will no longer be missing; it will open the door leading to the life one dreams of living.


One major factor I’ve learned through this research is that most of us are not living our destiny, though none of this is our fault. Controlling our reality by re-tuning our destiny is further explained in Ring’s video presentation.


Speaking the same language the universe speaks and communicating with the universe in this present moment is what is called The Language of Energetic Vibrations. This is what forces the universe to send us what we are wishing for.

Journal Two of Destiny Tuning: With special thanks to Heather Matthews & Katherine Hurst

Learning All About the Missing Ingredient (continued)


In her Manifestation Breakthrough Primer, Ms Matthews discusses about how she used to wake up every morning far from excited or happy; but one day she managed to escape from the daily life and business career she absolutely hated – which she describes as her very own low point in her life. Yet despite my very own daily challenges I’ve always wanted to start working and earning my own living, even if I don’t get paid much.

The belief that one has to work extremely hard for effective rewards has applied to me all too much, as I grew up in a struggling family household where all I’ve ever done is live a life of frustration. There are times when I’ve dreaded the next day – I’ve even dreaded each year that comes in case my life should get worse!



Heather also talks about how – before she became a transformational speaker, coach and energy flow life expert – she was one of the many countless people mistakenly led to believe that “only good things come to those who work hard for them”.

It was from her boss – known only as Megan – that Heather learned all about the Law of Attraction when first introduced to the book. After everything failed for her despite having followed the book’s instructions, Heather desperately turned to her other friend Luke, another life consultant. He informed her that she “had the wrong idea from the very start” and that “the people who work the hardest often end up with the least”. Those who didn’t know how to manifest had to try it their way first. If there is one important key thing I’ve learned by reading and viewing Heather’s story, advice from so-called experts almost never works for the rest of us. Those experts are not always right. They are not always experts either.

But then on one occasional Saturday I re-watched the documentary on The Secret with my mum and other younger sister when I heard them chatting about it in their spare time. It made me very happy that they felt inspired by the movie. They, in turn, inspired me to tune into it till the very end. I could not believe how much information and real life quotes I had missed. One of the experts even quoted the same testimonial from my mother’s Sunday church that always rang true to all of us. Then after the movie had finished, we discussed about how we had been “doing it all wrong” the whole time. That was when I had learnt something else brand new: don’t just think about what you want; ask for it and go after it. This was another important factor mentioned in The Secret. So even though they were not revealing to us the whole truth, it seemed they weren’t feeding the audience false theories after all.



If I could get the chance to talk to Heather Matthews face to face, I would ask her for help with knowing how to unlock this missing ingredient and start using the one vital technique in order to manifest the list of things I’ve been wishing for that will lead me to a better life. I remember reading one of Heather’s mind-trick tips about imagining being in a dark and miserable prison, which is how I feel every single day of my life. I actually do imagine Heather one day turning up at my cell and handing me the key that will set me free.



Journal Two of Destiny Tuning: With special thanks to Heather Matthews & Katherine Hurst

Learning All About the Missing Ingredient


I learned about Heather Matthews’s tough but successful journey through her personal life story which she shared in her video presentation that came with the Manifestation Primer Report. She reveals that the life she had on the outside “appeared to be a good life” – but in reality was far from perfect or ideal. Like almost everybody else, Ms Matthews had spent several years – as she puts it – “chasing and picking holes in the teachings of every expert who had mastered the Law of Attraction.”

According to Manifestation Miracle by Heather Matthews, Destiny Tuning is “the missing ingredient to the Law of Attraction.” Learning how to use it guarantees success, while not using it brings failure.

Natural Destiny Tuning pros have learnt to “give up on the idea that hard work, struggle, and effort are the answers.” This is a very powerful solution nobody knows about yet. Heather teaches us that it is not our fault if our lives are not working out the way we want, because “we have had our life’s natural incredible abundance stolen away from us.”

In one of Heather’s recent weekly emails included a list of familiar quotes from ordinary everyday people: “You have to work hard to get what you want”, “Money doesn’t grow on trees”, “You can’t get anywhere without sacrifice”, “You’ll only be wealthy if you were born into it”. We all heard these statements from the people in our lives (such as our parents and teachers) simply because that was what they themselves grew up believing, due to this mentality having been passed down from each generation to the next one.


The reason why Heather is one of the only few LOA experts I’m willing to actually trust is because she mentions something about “not making any empty promises. She only tells us and other readers what we need to know, without telling us any of the things we don’t want to hear. By simply finding out about her and Katherine Hurst, I had a strong feeling that God was finally moving in my life. That was when I started believing the right people had been sent in unexpected yet miraculous ways. My faith had been restored for that one brief moment.


In my next auto bio I will explain to everyone about my personal life struggles which I’ve been facing endlessly for several years. But until then, it is time to talk about Heather’s.