A Merseyside Mystery Thriller: Premise

This psychological thriller takes readers into the suicide of one very troubled local. Just when the suicide victim’s friends and neighbours get close to finding out the truth, they inadvertently uncover hidden secrets that are about to turn their lives upside down. Set in the heart of Merseyside, England, this Desperate Housewives-style Liverpool-based novel series centers around themes of suicide, descent into madness, and – of course – false rumours. Plenty of them.

Natasha Williams is a handicapped bookstore worker who dreams of setting up a special needs community within the same North West English metropolitan county her friends reside in. When Tracy Preston – one of Natasha’s neighbours – dies by apparent suicide, a devastated Natasha takes it upon herself to find out why Tracy killed herself. But disrespectful online trolls on Facebook have been targeting Tracy for the dark and unfathomable secrets she had been harbouring and had taken with her. Soon, the disturbing truth behind Tracy’s suicide is revealed, and this is connected to the hateful comments left on Tracy’s posthumous Facebook page, leading to further messed up goings-on in Natasha’s Liverpudian hometown – starting with Tracy’s gravestone being subjected to vengeful vandalism by an unknown party. What comes next is the mental breakdown and disappearance of Tracy’s equally troubled ex-boyfriend, Michael Adams.