My Future Plans to leave the US and move back to the UK After Many Years of Disappointment, Frustration, and Inability to Settle Down Properly.

Today I find myself staying at an Airbnb whilst making plans to leave America and move back to Britain permanently. For a while I have been practicing the Law of Attraction and have started applying a newly discovered Wish Manifestation technique known as Yamatech.

I have asked the Universe to show me what action to take to speed up the process, and the Universe has told me that I am supposed to leave this country and move back to England by June of next year (2020).

In order to achieve this lifetime goal even earlier and quicker than I hope I have attracted enough money to transfer my bank account and medical records back to the UK. I have also started making over the phone enquiries about the best place for me to live as soon as I have landed back in my home country.

I have decided to put my mental health and well-being before everything else in life because I deserve to be happy. Which is why I aim to applying the Law of Attraction in my life in a (very) positive way.