The Lost Orphan: Stolen Identity Book One Chapter Eighteen

Samantha comes to Lee’s rescue when he is held captive by a vengeful Napoleon. Elsewhere, back at the detective precinct, Anthony and Isla stumble across Samantha’s profile and discover something shocking about Claire.

Samantha gets on the phone to Helena.

Part of me felt that it was my fault that Lee was in the situation he’d found himself in. Feeling guilty, I decided that I couldn’t leave him to his fate. Felix and I prepared to enter the headquarters.

‘Make sure to call Ant and tell him everything if I’m not back in fifteen minutes,’ I instructed Felix. ‘And make sure Katrina is safe.’

Felix agreed without hesitation. ‘Just don’t “die” again,’ he implored me. ‘Because your first funeral was agonizing enough.’

I remembered that it was almost midnight. I called Helena’s number which I had saved onto my phone. She was chowing down on a bowl of muesli when she answered. ‘It is almost midnight,’ she reminded me brusquely. ‘Do you have names for me?’

‘Yes, actually I do,‘ I told her. ‘Napoleon Olivier.’

Helena frowned. ‘That’s not the name of a sheep.’ she sneered.

I was bemused. ‘A sheep? Napoleon is more important than a sheep. He’s a shepherd.’

‘I still need other names,’ Helena raved.

I ignored her outburst. ‘Come down to Revelation. That is where I want you to meet me.’

I made sure to pull my hood up the minute I spotted the security cameras. But before I made it down the hall any further, Ingrid found me. ‘I take it you’re the imposter Napoleon mentioned,’ she speculated, her voice hard and brittle.

Napoleon beat Lee about the face as Lee was tied to the chair. ‘If you claim there is nobody you are working for, then why protect them?’ Napoleon demanded furiously. ‘Or should I say her? I told you she was a killer, did I not?’

Ingrid interrupted the commotion, sliding the door open and dragging me along with her. ‘Claire is here to see you, Napoleon,’ she announced coolly. She pushed the door farther and practically flung me inside the room.

‘Samantha?!’ Lee exclaimed frantically. ‘I told you to run!’

‘Well I don’t run anymore,’ I retorted. ‘Get used to that.’

Ingrid handed over the fish knife I had on me, giving it to Napoleon. He then dismissed her as her eyes locked with mine. I eased up next to Lee and laid my hand on his shoulder while keeping my attention on Napoleon.

Lee looked up at me with simply naked emotion. ‘Napoleon thinks you’re the Clone Killer,’ he informed me in a low voice.

Napoleon appeared to have overheard, despite being on his phone leaving a message for Alan Nealon, with whom he was working. His back had been facing us, but now he turned around. ‘We have medical evidence that proves you are not Claire,’ he claimed.

‘And I think you know I’m not the Clone Killer either,’ I said acidly. ‘You’ve got the wrong woman. The clone that’s killing the rest of us is blonde, Ukrainian and a religious nut.’

‘I’m not about to argue, Samantha dear,’ Napoleon challenged, totally ignoring everything I’d just told him. ‘You have created a new brand of fratricide.’ My blood was boiling by then. Why wouldn’t he listen to me?

Napoleon began removing his black leather gloves to reveal his six fingers on each hand. He went to stroke my hair with his mutated fingers, and I flinched in disgust. Lee almost threw up.

‘What in hell’s name do you people want?’ I asked.

‘Just so you know,’ Napoleon crooned. ‘I want to rule the whole world. I plan to take over it.’

I felt Ingrid place a hood over my head and zip cuff my hands. She led me back down the basement corridor. I was terrified of what she was going to do to me. But then I heard Ingrid cry out in agony as Helena knocked her out.

I began to hyperventilate, as I was still trapped underneath the hood and having trouble breathing. I heard Helena’s voice as she spoke to me. ‘Do you want to be saved?’ She asked me in a coaxing manner. I struggled to break free. ‘Untie me,’ I gagged. But she refused, and then I felt the rope tighten as she began to choke me. ‘I want the name of another sheep first,’ she snarled.

Napoleon had the fish knife to Lee’s throat in a state of vengeful fury. ‘You made a fatal error, Lee,’ he whined. ‘You trusted the wrong person. But worst of all, you made a complete utter fool of me.’

He was just about to slit Lee across the throat and finish him off when his eyes caught the security camera screens. ‘Ingrid?’ he uttered as he saw his assistant slumped in a corner. He hurried off as Lee frowned at the screen, worried for my safety.

Napoleon burst into the security room where Ingrid lay unconscious. He had the fish knife at the ready and I panicked as I watched him through another camera. He was about to exit the room and start looking for me. But then Helena jumped down from her hiding place and surprised him! ‘I want to see your six fingers,’ she said playfully. ‘And your wings too.’

She kicked him down to the ground. ‘Take off your gloves and jacket,’ she ordered. ‘Now show me your wings.’

Slowly, Napoleon did as he was told, but began pleading for his life. ‘Please, there’s no need for this,’ he begged. Let me help you, Helena.‘

‘Fuck you!’  Helena spat. ‘I don’t want or need your help.’

His feathered wings sprouted and spread open like a bird’s.  ‘Avenging angel, huh?’ Helena scoffed. ‘You’re a breathing miracle.’ As she prepared to cut them off, she whispered, ‘I have a message for your master from Tomas.’ She then proceeded to cut off his wings with the fish knife as though carrying out an amputation. She did the same to his sixth fingers on each hand also.

Napoleon screamed at the top of his lungs in excruciating pain.

Lee looked over to another screen in time to see me running back toward the office. I was wearing Helena’s jacket. Eventually I got to him and prepared to rescue him. ‘I guess there are a few things I should’ve told you,’ I admitted apologetically, as I untied him.

Lee made a face. ‘You think?’ He responded sardonically.

At the cop shop, Anthony and Isla had reached the end of the rope with the Jane Doe investigation. ‘I’m heading home,’ Ant told Isla as he grabbed his jacket from one of the coat hangers. ‘Maybe you should too.’

But Isla suddenly stopped in her tracks. ‘Anthony, come quick,’ she called to him as the fingerprints finally came through on Claire. ‘I’ve just found a match.’

My mugshot popped up right in front of them. ‘Who’s Samantha Branning?’ Isla wondered as she studied my profile on her computer screen.

Ant was as mystified as Isla was. ‘And why the hell does she look like Claire?’