The Lost Orphan: Stolen Identity Book One Chapter Fourteen

Samantha’s drug-abusing ex-boyfriend Vincent tries to explain to his boss Phil about the missing cocaine he was unable to retrieve, but his excuses fall in deaf ears and in anger Phil almost breaks Vincent’s hand by deliberately slamming his truck door on it. When he seeks medical aid, Vincent unexpectedly runs into Alison, mistaking her for Samantha. As a result, when Alison’s paranoia puts all the orphans at risk, Samantha, Alison and Claire’s worlds dangerously collide during Samantha’s hunt for answers on her background.

In her native Suburbia, Alison pulled up in front of a spy shop. She gave her kids two dollars altogether and sent them off to buy one chocolate bar each. She then popped into the Spy Guys shop to ask about surveillance equipment for the house. Just as she was exiting the shop with her purchased supplies, Vincent Smith was exiting a next-door pharmacy with a first aid kit and bandages for his injured hand; his drug lord boss, Phil Dean had angrily slammed his truck door on Vincent’s left hand after a heated confrontation because Vince had been unable to recover the lost stash of coke which he owed Phil, and on top of that was unable to gather up enough money to replace it. He was determined to pay Phil back somehow. He spotted Alison across the lot and stopped in his tracks. ‘What the actual fuck?’ he muttered, stunned.

Alison noticed Vincent staring at her but ignored him and hurriedly headed to her van.

‘Samantha?’ Vincent called hysterically. He started to laugh sardonically while Alison began to freak out, thinking that he was her stalker. She turned away and rushed frantically to her van. No longer laughing but still calling her by my name, Vincent pursued Alison. He actually thought that she was me!

‘Samantha! I can’t believe you’re alive,’ he wailed, cornering Alison between two rows of cars.

‘I don’t know what you’re talking about,’ Alison admitted. ‘And I don’t know who you are.’ Vincent ignored her and examined her face.

‘You fucking bitch! You faked your own death,’ he screamed furiously. ‘How could you do this to me, Samantha? I thought you were dead!’

Reaching for her pepper spray, Alison produced it in her hand, shouting at Vincent: ‘Get the fuck away from me! You’re a fucking freak! Don’t touch me!’ She then maced him straight in the eyes.

Vincent yelled in agony and covered his pepper sprayed eyes. While he was temporarily blinded, Alison quickly seized the opportunity, dug out her Taser and zapped him. ‘What the fuck are you doing, you mad bitch?’ he yelled.

Just as her kids arrived, Alison hustled them into the minivan. She was just glad they hadn’t encountered Vincent before she had. She was shaken up by the ordeal but managed to speed away regardless. Vincent was still on the ground and continued to writhe in pain. ‘Samantha!’ he continuingly screamed. ‘Samantha, come back!’

At her house, Siobhan and I were in the middle of a somewhat affectionate heart to heart about myself and Katrina. ‘At least now we know where she gets her bravery and independence from,’ Siobhan complemented. Except that when you came to live with me back in London you were slightly older than Katrina is now.’

I smiled a little. ‘I’m just glad Kat didn’t have to bounce around the way I did when I was a kid,’ I acknowledged quietly. ‘It was you who got me this far. If not for you, I wouldn’t have come such a long way.’

I laid my hand on top of Siobhan’s. ‘I still need your help,’ I admitted. She nodded understandably. ‘I need to know where I came from before you took me in,’ I continued.

‘Basically, you were part of the foster system where I took in young people. Unfortunately, I don’t know who your parents were,’ Siobhan admitted.

‘But when I was in the UK I already spoke to Family Services in Brixton. I was seventeen at the time.’ Which meant I’d been puzzling over my origins for some time before meeting my Clone Sisters. I didn’t know where I was originally from; all I knew was that Siobhan was definitely hiding something else from me that wasn’t in the files.

My Pink Mobile suddenly rang. Could it be the Brixton Family Services with newly discovered information about my unknown birth parents?

I got my hopes up way too easily. It was Alison, and she sounded rather distraught and shaken up. ‘I was just assaulted by some disgusting rotten thug who thought I was you,’ she said, cutting straight to the chase.

‘What did he look like?’ I quizzed her on her attacker’s description.

‘He was half-caste,’ Alison explained, trying to keep her council. ‘As in half-Black, half-Middle Eastern or something close to that. And he was urban.’ That was when I immediately recognized the ‘thug’ as none other than… Vincent! I might have guessed!

‘That would be my ex,’ I said, my head buried in my hands. ‘That’s why he mistook you for me.’

‘Please tell me that is not Katrina’s father. Otherwise heaven help that child!’

‘No of course not.’ I sounded unequivocal.

Alison seemed calmed by that conformation. With the subject of Vincent out of the picture, I went into further detail on the status with Lee. ‘Apparently, Claire had been spying on him and investigating his background,’ I explained in full detail.

‘I can’t for the life of me understand why Claire never told me about that,’ Alison said, sounding bothered. ‘Does that mean he’s a mole?’

‘I don’t know,’ I admitted. ‘Yet.’

‘Well, make sure you call me back once you find out the truth about Lee.’ The moment Alison disconnected was when I knew our mutual care for each other was over. But then I’d learnt to finally accept her as she was. I just wished she would accept me too.