Journal Five of Destiny Tuning: With special thanks to Heather Matthews & Katherine Hurst

Using Your Intention Point


A few months ago I received a couple of email newsletters from yet another inspirational author, Katherine Hurst. And it was from Ms Hurst that I learned all about how to use my intention point. It was also via her blog that I read some of the most incredible success life stories and testimonials.


I believe in the Law of Attraction, but feel that I am one of those unfortunate people for whom it doesn’t seem to work. It is hard to not get frustrated or feel bitter because of life being so cruel and unfair to some people. Life is not supposed to be about facing struggles or living in frustration and depression. People were not put on this earth to suffer endlessly but to be given the chance to make the best of life and live it to the full. I feel that I and many others shouldn’t be made to struggle with everything in life or have it so hard and tough while everyone else’s lives are filled with happiness and enjoyment. My hope is that once the Law of Attraction finally starts working in my life after I’ve learned how to apply it, I won’t have to struggle with life’s obstacles anymore.


Failure may not be our fault, which is 100% true. Failure is not anybody’s fault, as none of us are in control of whatever happens to us in our lives. The reason for some people being more fortunate and successful than others is because those who are able to manifest automatically use their intention point; they do so without having to try.


The fact that we are held back by limiting beliefs is not our fault either. These limiting beliefs – as Katherine Hurst puts it in one of her books – are passed down through generations. The negativity we have developed surrounding issues with money depends on what our parents have told us and how we have been brought up. For instance, too many times we have all heard of the sayings “money doesn’t grow on trees,”, “money is the root of all evil”, etc. There is also this popular belief that some people have to be lucky enough to be born with silver spoons in their mouths; I happen to be one of those many people to share that mentality when it comes to wealth. But as a Christian I also believe that having money and wealth is a good thing, only if they are used for good deeds.

By unlocking our hidden potential, we will be able to replace such negative beliefs and thought patterns with powerful and positive beliefs


It was at the very beginning of 2017 – a few days after New Year’s Day – that I tuned into Katherine Hurst’s Origins Presentation. I was way beyond moved by Katherine’s life story which she shared with me and countless dozens of others. In her presentation, she talks about being “an ex-corporate slave who escaped from the rat race to manifest her dream life”.

Katherine herself once struggled to apply the LOA in her own personal life and almost gave up entirely, as she tells us. She was stuck working at the same “cubicle slave” corporation for about 14 years before finally escaping and breaking free. Today she is no longer “chasing the carrot”. If she is able to achieve this, then surely I and thousands of others will also be able to. After viewing Katherine’s presentation, I hope and pray to one day experience the unconditional abundance I completely lost as a young adult and haven’t felt in years. I also hope to manifest my dream life, just as Katherine manifested hers.


Like Heather Matthews, Ms Hurst had been introduced to the Law of Attraction by a mutual friend, all thanks to a work colleague. Only this time it came in the form of a DVD. As she states, Katherine “put the big secret to the test”. Of course the results – at first – were disappointing. She started off with the same experience as countless others when the LOA failed to work for them also. She explains that while she loved the idea of manifesing abundance, she had grown up in a “save hard and conserve” type of family. That was when she gave up on The Secret and began putting in more effort by showing up to her workplace even earlier and working longer hours.

Then suddenly, there was a moment of so-called fate that entered her life unexpectedly. In desperate need of help, she phone her close friend’s uncle, who has been a true samaritan to her. Katherine told David about how the LOA failed to work for her despite having followed the movie’s instructions precisely. He immediately came to her rescue, and that was when her whole life completely turned around for the better.

“The Law of Attraction is real,” he told her. “But you got the wrong message from the documentary. You missed the most important part, the reason being why you and many others have struggled to make it work.” (I made the decision to quote David’s sentences using my own words.)

He then showed her a scientific case study run on a group of lab mice that had been conditioned to fear the scent of cherry blossoms – a fear they had had every day since birth. To make a rather long story short, the male mice shared the same cherry scent phobia as their offspring, even though those offspring were bred with female mice who were not part of the experiment. This exact same fear had been passed down from six whole generations, as discovered by scientists.


The conclusion is conditional fear having been passed down from parent to child automatically, with the child experiencing the same fear without ever knowing why. As David explains, “this is the one critical thing blocking [us] to getting what [we] want. And it is not [our] fault because it has nothing to do with [us].”

Our beliefs about what we want to have in life are based on conditions that run in our families. And the fact that some people were born into wealthy family backgrounds is the sole reason why the Law of Attraction automatically works for them. They were given empowering beliefs about happiness, success, money, wealth, etc.

And just as Katherine needed a miracle in her life, I’ve needed one in mine. Hopefully this will finally happen for me once I’ve been rid of my own conditional fears about successful manifestations.



Despite there being tons of misinformation in the LOA documentary and elsewhere in the outside world, we need to use something extremely powerful in order to get manifestation to work. This is where the subject of Quantam Physics comes in; as revealed to Katherine by David:

  • The four simple steps that manifest intentions on [our] behalf, and how to use these steps to get what [we] ask for
  • How the mind “tricks” [us] into manifesting what we don’t want, and how to turn those results around
  • Finally, the Number One reason why manifesting doesn’t work for some of us (including myself), and how we can learn to put the Law of Attraction to work without having to do anything difficult or unusual

And David’s greatest discovery? This is described as the “Intention Point” – a physiological mechanism 5000 times more magnetic than the human brain – which can be used to trigger the Law of Attraction if applied the right way!


Katherine went out of her way to teach her close former colleagues her Intention Point techniques from the Gratitude Garden to the Personal Power Generator. And to make a long story short, that was when her Law of Attraction fanpage blew up out of nowhere! Millions of subscribers began “liking” the page – what’s more I happened to be one of those subscribers.

The reason why I am writing this book is to not only get my voice heard but also to get Katherine’s name more well known, as she is among the few inspirations behind the Law of Attraction communities.

The Lost Orphan: Stolen Identity Book One Chapter Three

Samantha, a streetwise hustler on the run from a lifetime of bad decisions, has just witnessed the suicide of a stranger who looks just like her. Following the disturbing events, Sam learns about the strange woman who killed herself and discovers that she was more than just an enigma…

Reeling from having witnessed the doppelganger’s suicide, I felt my head spinning. It took me a very long time to recover from the trauma. I was in a public dressing room, and I was holding the young woman’s handbag. Once I came round and no longer felt traumatized, I had second thoughts on whether I should drop the purse at the lost and found department. Or should I keep it for now?

I took a good look around to make sure that nobody was prying on me, although there were potential security cameras hidden somewhere in the room. I fished through the purse and took out the wallet.

Inside the wallet were plenty of cash notes, a few checks, a credit card, and a driver’s license with the dead woman’s name and picture ID on it. Her name was Claire Richards.

I went through the handbag once more and continued searching for any more valuable items that might be of good use. But I couldn’t find anything else of value. I found two mobile phones from the inner zip compartment. One was pink, the other black. They both belonged to Claire. What I didn’t understand was why she would keep two phones. Unless one of them was supposed to be for some kind of serious emergency.

The local pub was packed as usual. This was where I would usually meet up with Felix Hawkins, who was my foster brother. I was worried that I might not spot him in the large bolstering crowd. But then, he waved over at me and grinned. ‘Felix,’ I said, smiling with joy and relief. We came over to each other and hugged. ‘I’m so glad to see you at last.’

Felix pulled back slightly and inspected me closely, with his hands on my shoulders. ‘Well, then,’ he said amusingly. ‘Somebody looks like crap.’

I couldn’t help laughing slightly at that humourous comment. Felix was always full of jokes. But I still hadn’t gotten over the events surrounding that horrific scene at the train station. I still had yet to tell him what I had seen.

Nonetheless, I wanted to know what he had been up to so far. ‘How’s life, Fee?’ I asked curiously

‘Operatic,’ he said flatly, with the same cockney Londoner accent that I had. ‘The newest bartender has been trying to chat me up for a while, but I’ve told him to sod off and that I’m already in a relationship.’ Then he looked at me thoughtfully. ‘I almost forgot to ask about Dick-headed Vincent,’ he said in reference to my abusive ex-boyfriend Vincent Smith. ‘How did it go with him?’

I grinned triumphantly. ‘I hit him first this time. With an ashtray.’

‘You are joking.’

‘Far from it.’ My expression changed from jocular to solemn. ‘Anyway, enough about all that. The whole reason why I’m here is because I came to get Katrina back.’

Felix’s face looked just as serious. ‘Do you have any idea what you’re saying, Sam? Siobhan won’t let you take her just like that. Besides, you’ve been absent from Katrina’s life for almost a year.’

I wasn’t exactly proud of having abandoned Katrina for that long. But Felix had no right to judge. As for Siobhan, she had no right to bar me from having access to my own child. At least that was the way I saw it.

‘Well I’ve come back now. And I’m once again back on the run. Up to the usual Samantha shit. On that note,’ I moved closer toward Felix. ‘Something extremely weird just happened at the train station.’

Felix raised his eyebrows curiously. ‘What happened that was so weird?’

‘I saw a girl kill herself.’

Felix almost jumped out of his seat. ‘Damn! She actually jumped in front of a train?’

‘And what’s more, she looked exactly like me.’

‘What do you mean?’ he asked, bemused.

I pulled Claire’s ID out of my pocket and showed it to Felix. He studied it with deep thought. ‘Now that is weird.’

‘You think so?’

‘I mean, her name is Claire Richards. A different name, except that it’s you with a nice haircut.’

‘Not to mention a nice address. What the hell? Did I actually have a twin sister after all?’

‘Since you’re a poor orphaned wretch,’ Felix shrugged. ‘I guess anything’s possible.’

I took out the rest of Claire’s belongings and lay them on the table. They were her credit card, keys, and two phones. ‘Where the hell did you get those?’ Felix asked, shocked. ‘Did you rob her body?’

‘No, of course not. She left her purse on the platform.’

‘Same difference. To me, that would still count as robbing her body.’

Just then, Claire’s black phone suddenly rang. The name ‘Ant’ came up on the caller ID. Not knowing if I should answer or ignore it, I showed it to Felix.

‘Aren’t you going to answer it?’ he asked.

‘When I don’t even know who this “Ant” person is? As if.’ I pressed the reject button and put the phone back in my pocket. ‘I’ve got to go up to her flat. There must be plenty more things that she owned.’

‘Are you going over there to find out who this Claire woman is? Or just to rob the rest of her shit?’

On a wide, empty sidewalk, I read the address of the driver’s license. Then I studied the sleek, high end building in front of me. Assumedly, this was where Claire lived. Until her passing, anyway. I swiped the key card through the lock and casually let myself in, ignoring the ferocious barking coming from a neighbour’s drop-kick sized dog that had been watching me suspiciously.

As soon as I entered the apartment, I was beyond taken aback. A sweet pad, completely spotless and almost immaculate, with stylish art on the walls. The place looked like it was to die for. A proper townhouse.

I freely explored Claire’s flat and came across a walk-in closet. One side of the closet had Claire’s clothes, and they looked pretty unremarkable as they hung loosely. Not so trendy, I thought. My guess was that Claire was the tomboyish type as opposed to me, as her wardrobe consisted mostly of trouser-suits and jeans. But she had some jewellery also. And plenty of gym gear.

I decided to help myself to a lager from the fridge. Before I did so, I spotted a travel itinerary on the front of the fridge door. The note simply read: ‘Leonardo ‘Lee’ Dierden out of town till Saturday.’ So Claire actually had a boyfriend? Sounded quite surprising to me. I shrugged.

As I sipped some of my canned lager, I caught snapshots of Lee and Claire smiling together. The happy couple, I presumed. Claire’s bright and shining face was looking up at Lee’s, and they were snuggled up next to each other. I had to admit, Lee was extremely cute. Not to mention smoking hot.

I studied the closet again. The other side was reserved with all of Lee’s belongings, including his sportswear and aftershaves. Unlike Claire, he insisted on keeping his things well organized. But underneath Lee’s neatly arranged stack of shirts, I spotted a camera. I took it out of curiosity.

I then went into the bathroom and checked the medical cabinet. All of Claire’s prescription drugs filled up the whole of each shelf. They included her anti-depressants, anticonvulsants, and tranquilizers. And they were all prescribed by the same doctor.

Something told me that not only was she epileptic and battling depression at the same time, but she had many demons. Why else would she have been prescribed countless different medications?

Back at his flat, Felix was having the time of his life in the sauna when he heard someone pounding in the metal front door. Somebody was demanding to see him, but he had no idea who. Felix turned off the hot tub and came out of the bathroom, pulling on a robe.

The pounding got louder as he came closer. ‘Okay! Calm down,’ he said as he slid the rolling metal door open.

In an instant, he felt Vincent’s hand on his neck as Vincent tried to choke him in a fit of rage. One had to be extremely careful whenever Vincent was around. He could be capable of just about anything.

‘Vincent,’ Felix gasped. ‘What the hell is wrong with you? You’re strangling me.’

‘Don’t play stupid with me,’ Vincent spat. ‘Where is she?’

‘Are you going to release me first?’

Vincent roughly let Felix go, but then pushed him up against the wall.

‘Start talking,’ he said sharply.

‘First of all, you’re wasting your time and asking the wrong person,’ Felix said. ‘Second of all, you’re being very intimidating.’

Vincent took a step back. ‘Bullshit.’

‘I don’t know where she is or where she has been living. Besides, she’s not my problem anymore.’

Vincent tried to gain composure, but was getting extremely impatient. ‘I’m only going to ask you one last time. Where is the coke?’

Holy shit! I almost completely forgot that I owe this dickhead the coke, Felix thought.

‘Right over there,’ Felix said, pointing under the table. ‘What happened to your face, anyway?’ he asked, noticing Vincent’s bandaged bruises. This didn’t look good.

‘Samantha blindsided me and took off with the stash,’ Vincent admitted. ‘Now I’m in deep shit with Phil, and I will start to lose each of my body parts unless I find Samantha and the coke. Until then, it’s on you.’ He had a finger on Felix’s forehead and an angry look on his hot-heated face. He then took an apple from the basket and left, slamming the metal door behind him.

Felix was relieved to see him finally go, but was also worried. For my safety as well as his own.

Meanwhile, I had by now made myself at home over at the new townhouse. I looked around at more snapshots of Claire Richards and Leonardo Dierden in the main lounge as I spoke to Felix on the phone. ‘You should come over and check out this new sweet pad of mine,’ I said. ‘Apparently my credit card – or should I say Claire’s – is maxed. And my new boyfriend Leonardo, aka Lee as he goes by, is out of town till the weekend.’ I grinned with excitement, even though Felix couldn’t see my grin.

Felix was checking his bruised neck in a mirror. ‘Unfortunately, your real boyfriend, Vincent the Dickhead, was already here,’ he complained. ‘And as usual, he had one of his temper tantrums.’

‘Oh God,’ my joy soon turned to dismay as I put him on speaker. ‘Are you okay?’

‘Never better. Don’t worry about me. He didn’t beat me up or anything, although he came close to strangling me.’

I was livid that my foster brother had been hurt by my ex. ‘That bastard. I’m really sorry, Fee,’ I said as I went over the paper works of Claire’s life.

‘Good thing he didn’t take any valuables either. He did, however, take the coke and leave us with ten grand.’ Felix glanced at the wrapped cash on the table.

‘Fee, the ten grand you’ve been offered isn’t enough for us to get out with Katrina and set ourselves up elsewhere.’

‘Samantha, for the love of god, can you please explain to me who Claire Richards is?’

‘How should I know? All I know is that she’s a young woman who looks like me. A girl with a pretty nice life.’ I was trying to break the password on Claire’s laptop without success.

‘If Claire had such a nice and happy life as you claim,’ Felix pointed out matter of factly. ‘Then why did she kill herself?’

Good question, I thought. But I didn’t voice this aloud.

Just then, I found a bank statement showing Claire had opened a new account three weeks earlier. It contained a whopping $75,000. That was definitely more than enough to escape from Vincent and start our new lives. As I was about to share this news with Felix, I happened to come across a breaking news report about Claire’s suicide. Her body had remained unidentified so far, and her name hadn’t been released.

That was when I got the smartest and most fantastic idea.

Journal Four of Destiny Tuning: With special thanks to Heather Matthews & Katherine Hurst

How to force the universe to grant you your wishes


Chapter four of LET THE UNIVERSE HELP YOU by M. Alexander gives us two steps to receiving what we want and need from the universe. The first step is to know what we want; the second one is to write down our list of wishes in detail and then read them two to three times daily, preferably early morning right after waking up and late at night right before going to sleep. M. Alexander states that the reason for this recommendation is because “[our] subconscious mind is closest in connection to its infinity source.”