This is a list of the central protagonist and other main characters in the first book of the Stolen Identity novel series:


Samantha Branning: The main protagonist and a self-described British female con artist/hustler.

Appearance: Samantha Branning’s original outfit; Sam starts off described as dressed in a somewhat promiscuous manner; her original outfit consisting of a curvy and skimpy mini dress (similar to that worn by Curley’s wife in Of Mice and Men, except with a modern urban flavour), and high heeled peep toe pumps. However, her dressing style changes when she assumes the identity of Claire Richards after witnessing Claire’s suicide.

Trait: High risk-taking behaviours and increased function in dangerous situations.






Claire Richards: A mentally troubled policewoman with emotional and psychological scars; one of Samantha Branning’s clones and the first Samantha comes across at the beginning of the first novel. As her life abruptly ends by suicide, Samantha’s life changes forever.

Appearance: Claire’s outfit is a woman’s tuxedo, consisting of a white shirt blouse and black trousers with satin stripes; she is wearing an evening jacket also, but she removes it along with her shoes before jumping to her untimely death in front of an oncoming train.

Trait: Depression and suicide; mainly resulting from childhood trauma (especially childhood abuse) and also present PTSD.



Alison Hendricks: An angry and tensed housewife who loses her rag very easily over the slightest matters, but who is very devoted to her husband and adopted children. She is also loyal to her clone sisters.

Appearance: Alison has reddish brown hair and a fringe; her hair is usually held back in a sports headband. She dresses in sportsgear when working as a high school football coach; otherwise her everyday outfits consist of suburban-style clothing.

Trait: Anxiety and paranoia not to mention chronic social stress; her heavy chain-smoking and daily alcohol consumption are thought to be brought on by these.




Melissa Niehaus: A French-Canadian university student and science expert who is of high intelligence.

Appearance: Melissa is one of only few clones who wears glasses due to her hereditary poor eyesight she has suffered from since birth; she wears her long dark brown hair in a french braided ponytail.

Trait: Myopia (short-sightedness) due to various environmental factors; she is also battling a respiratory illness (this medical condition is common in female clones).





Helena: batshit crazy Russian-Ukrainian clone killer who has been brainwashed into believing she is the original.

Appearance: frizzy dark-blonde hair with brunette roots due to decreased expression of melanin; failure for light hair to darken is possibly a result of extremely low exposure to UV radiation through puberty.

Trait: High pain threshold; enjoyment in inflicting physical pain whether on herself or on others.

The Lost Orphan: Stolen Identity Book One – Character Description