The Lost Orphan: Stolen Identity Book One Chapter One

The first chapter of this story begins with Samantha Branning meeting face-to-face with two other women Alison Hendricks and Melissa Niehaus, the latter for the first time. Samantha learns that she, Alison and Melissa are connected in the strangest way possible. And before she knows it, Samantha quickly finds herself caught in the middle of a deadly conspiracy and must race to find answers.




It was precisely nine o’clock in the evening when I parked my car in front of the young woman’s house. I had the card with her name and address on it. Even though part of me was certain this was the exact place we were supposed to meet, I still had my doubts.  

‘Alison Hendricks,’ I read aloud. ‘Address 35 Harper Hill Road, Bailey Downs, Scarborough.’ This was the correct address alright.  

I eased my way through a shed and up to the French doors to Alison’s basement so that nobody else could see either of us. However, I hesitated before knocking on her back door. After all, neither of us had started on the right foot when I first met her. To me, it had felt more like a confrontation then a first-time meeting.  

I must have knocked at least twice, or more; I couldn’t quite remember how many times, before the stupid cow finally answered. ‘Samantha Branning,’ her voice said sharply behind the door. ‘You are late.’ I didn’t think I was. After all, I’d arrived at the exact time as she’d told me to.

Alison greeted me with a hard, mean look on her face. ‘Well don’t just stand there like a retard,’ she hissed. ‘Hurry up and get yourself inside. Close it and lock it straight away.’

I immediately did as she said. ‘Be quiet,’ Alison said frostily as she led me through to the lounge. ‘My kids are asleep.’

‘Damn,’ I said, under my breath, feeling a slight chill run down my spine. ‘You’re a real moody bitch, aren’t you.’ I never thought being related to this woman would actually suck.

I had no idea what was in store. As soon as I entered the lounge, sitting on the couch waiting for us was yet another brunette. But there was no need to be afraid or feel intimidated by this one. Unlike Alison, she had a friendly and somewhat bright demeanour about her.  She smiled at me in an awkward but welcoming manner from behind her geeky Specsavers glasses. ‘Hi. I’m Melissa.’

‘Bloody hell!’ I gasped.

‘We spoke on the phone earlier, remember?’ Melissa said warmly.

‘How many of us are there?’