British Dreams

One night I had a vivid dream about the new life I am currently aiming to manifest. Because my desired intention has always been to see Cambridge and Wisbech again, in my dream vision this is what I saw:


Cambridge, England

I found myself visiting this exact area, just as I had imagined it would look like. I was exploring the whole of Cambridge and Wisbech, whilst on a day outing with my new group from my accommodation. Going on trips and outings is one of the many things I have always wanted to do, and also one of the many things I aim to manifest.


Most of all, my main desire is to move back to England permanently in about a year or two, and be happily settled down here.


This assisted apartment in East Grinstead, Sussex, is where I will be living by God’s grace.

The Lost Orphan: Stolen Identity Book One Chapter Two

Samantha – or ‘Sam’ as she prefers to be called – returns to Toronto, Ontario to try and reunite with her young daughter after having been absent from her loved ones’ lives for ten whole months. The second chapter takes place at Huxley Station during a flashback, and this is where Sam suddenly witnesses a horrific tragedy unfold right in front of her eyes.

OrphanBlack1x01Claire Richards

Flashback: The first thing I remembered was stepping off a train at Huxley Station and searching for a phone box. Once I found the nearest one, I immediately made a call to my foster mother.

I demanded to speak to my own birth daughter, Katrina, who my foster mother was currently looking after. But my foster mother, Siobhan, wouldn’t allow me to, and she had already seen to it that I would be denied custody of Katrina.

I was furious, and slammed down the receiver angrily. ‘Bitch!’ I said in a rage. I felt really indignant.

Suddenly, I heard sobbing and turned around to see where the sobbing was coming from. That was when I spotted her. A young brunette of my age, pacing up and down the platform in a distressed and rather erratic manner. She was dressed in formal eveningwear consisting of a white blouse and black leather trousers with a matching black jacket. But she didn’t appear to be heading for a night out, or catching a train. She appeared to be distraught and very troubled.

My heart broke for her. I didn’t know what to do. Just as I approached the young woman to see if I could try to help her, I was about to ask what was wrong when she proceeded to remove her jacket and heels, placing them next to her handbag almost ritually. She was still sobbing as she did this. After she laid her clothing in a neat row, with only her leather jeans and blouse on, she turned around to look at me with tears of pain in her sad-filled eyes. As soon as I saw her face, I froze in shock. There was something very disturbing about her – she was the spitting image of me! Was I looking at my reflection in a mirror? For a brief moment, I thought I was. But whilst I felt stunned at having just met my potentially long-lost identical twin for the first ever time, the strange woman had nothing more than a melancholic expression on her face. It was as if she were unable to acknowledge me or anybody else. Could she have looked any sadder? She took no notice of me afterwards. What happened next would be burned at the back of my mind forever. The identical shed one last tear before walking towards the end of the platform as a train approached at full speed. And that was when she jumped.

The Lost Orphan: Stolen Identity Book One Chapter One

The first chapter of this story begins with Samantha Branning meeting face-to-face with two other women Alison Hendricks and Melissa Niehaus, the latter for the first time. Samantha learns that she, Alison and Melissa are connected in the strangest way possible. And before she knows it, Samantha quickly finds herself caught in the middle of a deadly conspiracy and must race to find answers.




It was precisely nine o’clock in the evening when I parked my car in front of the young woman’s house. I had the card with her name and address on it. Even though part of me was certain this was the exact place we were supposed to meet, I still had my doubts.  

‘Alison Hendricks,’ I read aloud. ‘Address 35 Harper Hill Road, Bailey Downs, Scarborough.’ This was the correct address alright.  

I eased my way through a shed and up to the French doors to Alison’s basement so that nobody else could see either of us. However, I hesitated before knocking on her back door. After all, neither of us had started on the right foot when I first met her. To me, it had felt more like a confrontation then a first-time meeting.  

I must have knocked at least twice, or more; I couldn’t quite remember how many times, before the stupid cow finally answered. ‘Samantha Branning,’ her voice said sharply behind the door. ‘You are late.’ I didn’t think I was. After all, I’d arrived at the exact time as she’d told me to.

Alison greeted me with a hard, mean look on her face. ‘Well don’t just stand there like a retard,’ she hissed. ‘Hurry up and get yourself inside. Close it and lock it straight away.’

I immediately did as she said. ‘Be quiet,’ Alison said frostily as she led me through to the lounge. ‘My kids are asleep.’

‘Damn,’ I said, under my breath, feeling a slight chill run down my spine. ‘You’re a real moody bitch, aren’t you.’ I never thought being related to this woman would actually suck.

I had no idea what was in store. As soon as I entered the lounge, sitting on the couch waiting for us was yet another brunette. But there was no need to be afraid or feel intimidated by this one. Unlike Alison, she had a friendly and somewhat bright demeanour about her.  She smiled at me in an awkward but welcoming manner from behind her geeky Specsavers glasses. ‘Hi. I’m Melissa.’

‘Bloody hell!’ I gasped.

‘We spoke on the phone earlier, remember?’ Melissa said warmly.

‘How many of us are there?’


The Lost Orphan: Stolen Identity Book One – Character Description

This is a list of the central protagonist and other main characters in the first book of the Stolen Identity novel series:


Samantha Branning: The main protagonist and a self-described British female con artist/hustler.

Appearance: Samantha Branning’s original outfit; Sam starts off described as dressed in a somewhat promiscuous manner; her original outfit consisting of a curvy and skimpy mini dress (similar to that worn by Curley’s wife in Of Mice and Men, except with a modern urban flavour), and high heeled peep toe pumps. However, her dressing style changes when she assumes the identity of Claire Richards after witnessing Claire’s suicide.

Trait: High risk-taking behaviours and increased function in dangerous situations.






Claire Richards: A mentally troubled policewoman with emotional and psychological scars; one of Samantha Branning’s clones and the first Samantha comes across at the beginning of the first novel. As her life abruptly ends by suicide, Samantha’s life changes forever.

Appearance: Claire’s outfit is a woman’s tuxedo, consisting of a white shirt blouse and black trousers with satin stripes; she is wearing an evening jacket also, but she removes it along with her shoes before jumping to her untimely death in front of an oncoming train.

Trait: Depression and suicide; mainly resulting from childhood trauma (especially childhood abuse) and also present PTSD.



Alison Hendricks: An angry and tensed housewife who loses her rag very easily over the slightest matters, but who is very devoted to her husband and adopted children. She is also loyal to her clone sisters.

Appearance: Alison has reddish brown hair and a fringe; her hair is usually held back in a sports headband. She dresses in sportsgear when working as a high school football coach; otherwise her everyday outfits consist of suburban-style clothing.

Trait: Anxiety and paranoia not to mention chronic social stress; her heavy chain-smoking and daily alcohol consumption are thought to be brought on by these.




Melissa Niehaus: A French-Canadian university student and science expert who is of high intelligence.

Appearance: Melissa is one of only few clones who wears glasses due to her hereditary poor eyesight she has suffered from since birth; she wears her long dark brown hair in a french braided ponytail.

Trait: Myopia (short-sightedness) due to various environmental factors; she is also battling a respiratory illness (this medical condition is common in female clones).





Helena: batshit crazy Russian-Ukrainian clone killer who has been brainwashed into believing she is the original.

Appearance: frizzy dark-blonde hair with brunette roots due to decreased expression of melanin; failure for light hair to darken is possibly a result of extremely low exposure to UV radiation through puberty.

Trait: High pain threshold; enjoyment in inflicting physical pain whether on herself or on others.

The Lost Orphan: Stolen Identity Book One – Novel Description

The central protagonist of my next novel is a young British woman by the name of Samantha Branning who discovers that she is one of several identical women who are clones; one of them is a brainwashed Russian Ukrainian named Helena. They are “someone’s experiment” (as described by fellow clone Alison Hendricks), each of them being killed off one by one.

The story starts off with Samantha witnessing the suicide of Claire Richards – a woman who looks exactly like her; Samantha wastes no time in assuming Claire’s identity, bank account, and life with intention of turning over a new leaf. Her plan is to clear out Claire’s savings in order to build a better life and future – only to find herself caught up in an illegal human cloning conspiracy.