Journal Two of Destiny Tuning: With special thanks to Heather Matthews & Katherine Hurst

Learning All About the Missing Ingredient (continued)


In her Manifestation Breakthrough Primer, Ms Matthews discusses about how she used to wake up every morning far from excited or happy; but one day she managed to escape from the daily life and business career she absolutely hated – which she describes as her very own low point in her life. Yet despite my very own daily challenges I’ve always wanted to start working and earning my own living, even if I don’t get paid much.

The belief that one has to work extremely hard for effective rewards has applied to me all too much, as I grew up in a struggling family household where all I’ve ever done is live a life of frustration. There are times when I’ve dreaded the next day – I’ve even dreaded each year that comes in case my life should get worse!



Heather also talks about how – before she became a transformational speaker, coach and energy flow life expert – she was one of the many countless people mistakenly led to believe that “only good things come to those who work hard for them”.

It was from her boss – known only as Megan – that Heather learned all about the Law of Attraction when first introduced to the book. After everything failed for her despite having followed the book’s instructions, Heather desperately turned to her other friend Luke, another life consultant. He informed her that she “had the wrong idea from the very start” and that “the people who work the hardest often end up with the least”. Those who didn’t know how to manifest had to try it their way first. If there is one important key thing I’ve learned by reading and viewing Heather’s story, advice from so-called experts almost never works for the rest of us. Those experts are not always right. They are not always experts either.

But then on one occasional Saturday I re-watched the documentary on The Secret with my mum and other younger sister when I heard them chatting about it in their spare time. It made me very happy that they felt inspired by the movie. They, in turn, inspired me to tune into it till the very end. I could not believe how much information and real life quotes I had missed. One of the experts even quoted the same testimonial from my mother’s Sunday church that always rang true to all of us. Then after the movie had finished, we discussed about how we had been “doing it all wrong” the whole time. That was when I had learnt something else brand new: don’t just think about what you want; ask for it and go after it. This was another important factor mentioned in The Secret. So even though they were not revealing to us the whole truth, it seemed they weren’t feeding the audience false theories after all.



If I could get the chance to talk to Heather Matthews face to face, I would ask her for help with knowing how to unlock this missing ingredient and start using the one vital technique in order to manifest the list of things I’ve been wishing for that will lead me to a better life. I remember reading one of Heather’s mind-trick tips about imagining being in a dark and miserable prison, which is how I feel every single day of my life. I actually do imagine Heather one day turning up at my cell and handing me the key that will set me free.