Journal Two of Destiny Tuning: With special thanks to Heather Matthews & Katherine Hurst

Learning All About the Missing Ingredient


I learned about Heather Matthews’s tough but successful journey through her personal life story which she shared in her video presentation that came with the Manifestation Primer Report. She reveals that the life she had on the outside “appeared to be a good life” – but in reality was far from perfect or ideal. Like almost everybody else, Ms Matthews had spent several years – as she puts it – “chasing and picking holes in the teachings of every expert who had mastered the Law of Attraction.”

According to Manifestation Miracle by Heather Matthews, Destiny Tuning is “the missing ingredient to the Law of Attraction.” Learning how to use it guarantees success, while not using it brings failure.

Natural Destiny Tuning pros have learnt to “give up on the idea that hard work, struggle, and effort are the answers.” This is a very powerful solution nobody knows about yet. Heather teaches us that it is not our fault if our lives are not working out the way we want, because “we have had our life’s natural incredible abundance stolen away from us.”

In one of Heather’s recent weekly emails included a list of familiar quotes from ordinary everyday people: “You have to work hard to get what you want”, “Money doesn’t grow on trees”, “You can’t get anywhere without sacrifice”, “You’ll only be wealthy if you were born into it”. We all heard these statements from the people in our lives (such as our parents and teachers) simply because that was what they themselves grew up believing, due to this mentality having been passed down from each generation to the next one.


The reason why Heather is one of the only few LOA experts I’m willing to actually trust is because she mentions something about “not making any empty promises. She only tells us and other readers what we need to know, without telling us any of the things we don’t want to hear. By simply finding out about her and Katherine Hurst, I had a strong feeling that God was finally moving in my life. That was when I started believing the right people had been sent in unexpected yet miraculous ways. My faith had been restored for that one brief moment.


In my next auto bio I will explain to everyone about my personal life struggles which I’ve been facing endlessly for several years. But until then, it is time to talk about Heather’s.