Journal One of Destiny Tuning: With special thanks to Heather Matthews & Katherine Hurst

Answered Prayers


The Law of Attraction has been around for many years, but I have only just been introduced to it recently (as of 2016).

I remember sitting down and watching The Secret with my youngest sister (who is the one that discovered all about it through a friend and decided to share it with me). There was one thing author Bob Proctor mentioned somewhere near the beginning of the movie: “If you see it [in your head], you will hold it [in your hand].”

Now, like most other people who are recently new to the Law of Attraction, I’ve always been a natural skeptic when it comes to these types of beliefs. And can anybody blame me? No, of course not! Because it is not possible for whatever we are wishing for to magically appear in our hands, just because we visualize the image of that desire in our heads. However, this didn’t stop me from tuning into the documentary The Secret; after all the philosophers who were teaching us the LOA techniques meant extremely well, as they were not so-called false experts/gurus.

Author Heather Matthews, who is a nationally known energy coach and life consultant, informs us that we can’t call something a ‘Law’ if it only applies to less than one percent of the people who use it; she also reveals that not every so-called Law of Attraction expert knows what they are talking about. And to me, she has a great point. But that is not to say that The Secret is all make believe. At first I thought: “How do we even know if the life stories that are shown to us in this self-help documentary are actually true (Bill Harris sharing with us about his student’s experiences for example)? What if they are simply fictional re-enactments?”

I had made a private promise to myself to continue watching The Secret to the very end. But it was when I suddenly stopped watching it halfway and gave up on it altogether – just as I’d given up on almost everything else in life – that I began to be overcome with sheer disappointment. The movie was not supposed to discourage me but encourage and inspire me. The reason why nothing ever worked for me after I’d tried everything they said but didn’t receive any positive results was because I wasn’t fully experienced. I also might not have completely followed their instructions or studied the LOA properly. Either that or I couldn’t understand. But this wasn’t my fault, which Heather Matthews already assured. I didn’t tune into The Secret again until a couple of months later.

In the meantime I continued to read books and e-books on the Law of Attraction; I also Googled as much information about it as I could find. I used the opportunity to sign up and subscribe to every LOA newsletter address. As negative as I was feeling, it was still worth a try. Hopefully God would intervene and send the right people my way, even if through email messages. After all, there had to be someone out there who was genuine and willing to be a Good Samaritan.

And that was when I began receiving several packages via my inbox; amongst them was the Manifestation Breakthrough Kit, send to me by none other than Heather Matthews.

Just before this extraordinary and lovely lady offered me this life-changing gift, I’d spent recent years participating in fasting and prayer during the first few months (it is my family’s religious tradition to take part in Beginning of the Year fasting starting from every January). I had literally starved myself for several hours each day until I became physically and mentally exhausted – though it actually didn’t do me much good. However, I was determined to NOT let the Devil have his way.

And so I began to get inspired by those who have had a tough life themselves.