False Rumours Chapter Seven

Natasha and Rebecca find themselves battling their respective challenges and obstacles as they try to help each other catch a bus, despite their invisible special needs. They also encounter a few difficult and hostile strangers getting in the way of their path


Rebecca was struggling trying to read the local bus timetable. ‘What are these bleeding numbers supposed to mean?’

I could totally understand Bex’s frustration. If I had this much trouble coping with my deafness, how was Rebecca able to cope with her dyslexia?

We saw a moody young woman passing by who was close to our age, and she had frizzled out dirty blonde hair. She was slightly overweight and she carried herself rather aggressively, glaring at us as she stormed past us. ‘What the fuck are you looking at?’ she snarled. ‘Fucking special needs retarded bitches.’

Rebecca found the courage to hit back. ‘What in hell’s name is your problem with us?’

The angry young woman squared up to Bex. ‘Looking for trouble, then, are we? Because if you want to pick a fight, then you’ve come across the right person to fight with. Fucking bitch!’

I tugged at Rebecca’s arm as if to tell her to leave it, that this cow wasn’t worth it. Then I saw the bus going. We quickly jumped on. We were both worried and terrified. ‘How will we even know if this is the right bus?’ Rebecca asked.

I shrugged. To our surprise, the bus took the route to Queen Square Gardens. ‘What are we doing in Queen Square?’ Rebecca wondered. ‘That is all the way in London. This is not where we wanted to go.’

The driver ordered us to get off the bus. ‘Well hurry up, then. I bloody haven’t got all day.’

‘Could you please tell me what that says?’ Rebecca asked, referring to the sign at the gate’s entrance. The bus driver gave her a funny look. ‘What do you reckon it says?’ he replied

‘How should I know? Seeing that I’m dyslexic. That’s why I need you to spell it out.’

‘You are joking.’ He rolled his eyes, but decided to help her anyway. ‘It says “Queen Square Gardens.” Does that answer your question?’

‘Thanks, anyway,’ Rebecca muttered. We both jumped off the bus as quickly as we could.