False Rumours Chapter Six

Following Michael’s disappearance, Natasha digs up more mystery clues. When she uncovers the actual real reason behind Michael’s mental breakdown, she and Rebecca warn their other mates and then rush to save him from self-harm. Paul is revealed to be the last person to see Michael, leading to Anna and Vanessa to confronting him. Their anger towards Paul is turned to horror when Paul admits what he said to Mike that drove him away.


Tracy had kept a diary (as recommended to do so by one of her counsellors) in which she poured out her depression and suicidal thoughts. She had also mentioned in her diary that she felt someone – a sworn enemy of hers – was out to get her. She once told her psychologist about this. But one thing she never included was that she was struggling with her secret drug problem even more ever since her relationship with Michael had abruptly ended. Not even the psychologist was aware of this, because only Tracy’s diary withheld that confidential information. Regardless of how troubled and tortured she was, that didn’t stop Tracy from being careful enough to be private.

I was determined to find out who it was that had been spreading all those vicious rumours about Michael. I let myself inside our PC office located right at the back of the bookstore, using my own key that had been lent to me.

I discovered the private portfolio folder kept on the top bookshelf. I scanned through the contents and retrieved the copies of documents from the Suicide Investigation Centre. Their latest information stated that it wasn’t Michael behind Tracy’s suicide – but shocking enough someone else. And that same person was also behind the false rumours about Michael and Tracy.

I had to let my friends know about this and expose the bastard culprit once and for all.

I met up with Rebecca and showed her the documents with the information. We both suggested finding Michael and bringing him back home to safety. And so we set out on our journey.


News of Michael’s disappearance immediately began to spread around town. Anna and Vanessa went to confront Paul after speculating about his spiteful behaviour and cruel accusations towards Michael a few days prior.

Anna knocked on Paul’s door. ‘Paul,’ she said, trying to keep calm and not lose her temper. ‘It’s us. We just want to talk to you.’

When he ignored them and refused to answer the door, Vanessa got extremely angry. ‘Paul, come out now,’ she shouted furiously. ‘I know you were the last person to see Mike. You might as well admit it.’

Paul finally opened the door ajar. But he kept his distance. ‘Come to harass me and accuse me of all sorts, have you?!’ he said sharply.

‘Nobody is harassing you or accusing you of anything,’ Anna cried. ‘Now, for Christ sake, just calm down.’

‘Oh go away,’ Paul snapped. ‘Piss off, both of you.’

‘First of all, you don’t ever tell me or Anna to piss off,’ Vanessa said angrily. ‘Second of all, I’m not leaving until you tell us what you said to Mike that made him take off.’

Paul violently thrust the door open. ‘What is it that you want to know?’ he shouted in a fit of rage.

‘Don’t shout at us either!’ Vanessa barked.

‘Well then leave me the fuck alone. I’ve already been through enough with the fact that I’m fucking grieving because that cocaine-addicted bitch killed Katherine. I don’t need anybody else adding to my grief.’

‘In case you didn’t know, nobody is interested in what you’re going through, because you’re not the only person whose life has been turned to shit by grief. Now why don’t you come clean about what happened between you and Mike, and the reason why he took off.’

Paul looked Vanessa in both eyes, his face as hard as granite. ‘If you want to know what I said to Mike,’ he snarled. ‘I told him if he really loved Tracy and missed her that much – then maybe he should go and join her.’



Vanessa and Anna drove back to Anna’s apartment. Vanessa was in a fit of rage and seething uncontrollably. ‘The heartless cruel bastard,’ she cried, extremely livid. ‘How could he have said all those horrible nasty things to Mike’s face, just to make him feel even worse about what happened to Tracy? How dare he?!’

‘We’ll have no choice but to file a missing person’s report,’ Anna said. ‘We need to gather up everyone in the neighbourhood that’s available. He can’t have gone far. Mike probably needs time to get away.’

Once inside the house, Anna put the kettle on to make them both some tea. Vanessa scanned through her phone diary, her mobile in her right hand. ‘What good would it do to file yet another missing person’s report?’ Vanessa replied. ‘It won’t give any of his loved ones any closure. It’s best we form a search party.’

‘Why? Nobody will know where to look.’

‘Listen, we can’t have Mike end up like Tracy. Otherwise there will be two people dead.’