False Rumours: Chapter Three

When Tracy died by suicide, she took loads of hidden secrets with her that nobody knew about. There was something else she had been keeping from her friends during the final few moments of her life. Upon investigating Tracy’s death, Natasha has yet to learn how and why her late friend and bookstore colleague disappeared and turned up dead. What happened to Tracy is too shocking and horrific to believe…

Everything seemed a complete blur and a shock. I read through the contents a couple of times before it finally sank in. I just could not believe what I had uncovered!

Tracy had had an argument with her parents because they had tried to persuade her to check into rehab for her alcoholism and drug addiction. The reason why she had turned to alcohol and drugs in the first place was because it seemed the only way she could escape from her pain.

She then had a row with her boyfriend Michael Adams and walked out on him after living with him for a few years. Her reason for doing so was because of having suffered too many failed relationships in the past.

She had also severed all ties with just about everyone she had once been very close to, no longer being in contact with anyone – she had even stopped speaking to Vanessa and myself!

She had failed to show up at the bookstore on several occasions. Then word had gotten round that she had wanted to move elsewhere in order to escape from all of her daily troubles and focus on receiving therapy. She had stopped participating in her once favorite activities and projects and had started avoiding the local support groups as a result of her severely depressed state. At one point, she had flown into a violent rage, lashing out at those who tried to converse with her or approach her. She was reported to have been messed up in the head and unable to think properly at that time. As a result, she had become a full-blown alcoholic.

She was unable to keep it together because of her life spiraling out of control. This had eventually caused her already severe depression to worsen until she went completely mad. She had by then started acting erratically, driving dangerously whilst slightly intoxicated. While breaking down in tears, she ran over her female neighbour’s dog – killing it! It turned out that she had needed someone or something to lash out at. She lashed out at the neighbour Katherine, and killed her also. She had been the same age as Tracy.

Having realised what she had done after she had snapped out of it – and being unable to live with herself – Tracy drove off to an abandoned location. She then left a tearful voice message confession through her mobile, to Katherine’s loved ones and her own. That was the final time anybody ever heard Tracy’s voice. Then the sickening details of her own horrific end unraveled. Her car had been recovered from the river and her body had yet to be found eight months later. The Suicide Investigation Centre cited Tracy’s cause of death as ‘suicide by drowning’. She had deliberately driven her car into the water and died upon impact, with high levels of cocaine in her system. On top of that, her family members had reported her missing – completely and utterly unaware of what had happened.

Tracy had actually killed someone before taking her own life? Was this some kind of sick joke? This was not the Tracy we had all known and loved. She would never have done such a horrific thing!

Vanessa approached me at the computer desk ‘What did you find out, Natasha?’ she asked.

I looked at her with a facial expression that said it all.