False Rumours: Brief Novel Description & Short Synopsis

Rumours are like fires. Nobody admits to starting them. And before you know it they’re out of control.

Set in the heart of Merseyside, England, this Desperate Housewives-style British mystery thriller centers around Natasha Williams (see pic below), a young deaf woman with high intelligence who is a former university student, as she tries to solve the tragic suicide of one of her friends. As she digs deep into the investigation, Natasha learns – much to her horror – the disturbing real reason why Tracy Preston killed herself.  

Natasha Williams

A few months before she dies, Tracy (see other pic further below), who is also Natasha’s bookstore colleague and former university classmate goes missing as a result of severe depression and is never seen again. Unfortunately for Natasha, she cannot speak verbally, and nobody else is fluent in sign language.  Can she achieve the impossible in solving the mystery behind Tracy’s death/alleged suicide?

Tracy Preston



Paul Jacobs           Michael Adams

Natasha’s other bookstore colleague unlikable Paul Jacobs (left) – known for his antisocial behaviour and anger issues – eventually becomes a person of interest. As does Tracy’s ex-boyfriend Michael Adams (right), who is a reformed drug dealer – but then he too suddenly disappears after being overcome with grief and guilt.

Neither Paul nor Michael are responsible for driving Tracy to commit suicide after all. But to everyone’s shock, there is an unlikely third person who is









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