Second & Third Secrets: Controlling the Reins and Detaching From The End Result

Today’s blog is about the next two secrets to manifestation and enlightenment.

After practicing and mastering the Magic Mantra, the second secret is learning how to control the reins of your mind. In other words, hold the mind in a way that is not too tight or too loose.

As Jafree Ozwald shares with us on how to apply this technique, “imagine your mind is filled with wild stallions that have not yet been tamed. Then hold the reins in a gentle way so that the stallions know you are in control. The right level helps you to feel the connection with the mind.”

Ozwald’s 90 Day Manifesting Program instructs us to gently grab the reins on [our] mind’s wild horses, straight after we awake in the morning. For our first few minutes of consciousness each morning, we should practice relaxing our bodies so that we can connect with the simple sweet Divine Presence inside us. This essence is found within us by “quieting the mind, opening the heart and relaxing deeper into the body.” It is recommended that we practice quieting the mind chatter in order for our desires, dreams and wishes to manifest for us.

controlling the reins

The third secret is for us to learn how to detach from the end result of what we want to manifest. This doesn’t necessarily mean forgetting about our desires. Rather, it is about finding out what is permanent in order to find infinite source of joy.

Letting go of our visions enables us to receive our dreams and wishes quicker. And allowing ourselves to let go of attachment to any outcome means letting go of the idea that what we wish for has to show up quickly in order for us to feel happy or fulfilled. Whatever we feel that we need to find happiness will form any type of attachment; we need to release that and reconnect to the divine being and higher self inside of us. In other words, we need to find what is permanent and doesn’t come in the form of any material possession, as that will bring infinite source of joy to us.


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