First Secret: Body Mantra

The body mantra is a balanced way of learning how to completely relax our bodies and live in a relaxed body and mind all day long. This means being completely at peace with whatever it is; letting the world be as it is and finding deep source of power and connection to the spirit inside us.

Focus on your head; then say the words “Quiet Mind.”

Imagine the mind being connected to the infinite skies above and the infinite universe.

Open up your mind to that special place of emptiness and stillness.

Feel a sense of peace and tranquillity that helps us all to raise manifesting vibrations.

Focusing on your heart: say “Open Heart”; then imagine a flower inside of your heart opening up petals to the sun.

Receive the light inside your heart as it spreads throughout the entire body.

Last but not least, focus on your belly; say the words “Relaxed Being.”

Then allow yourself to imagine roots of light from your belly travelling down your legs into the earth and all the way down to the core of the earth 3000 miles underneath.

Feel the divine deep connection with the earth from your belly.

According to Jafree Ozwald, it is best to “practice this technique consistently throughout the course of the day. Meditate silently and feel great connection with the intimate source.”


10652Quiet Mind Meditation