Halloween: A Spooky Poem

That Spooktacular time of the year

When angels and devils appear

Black cats riding on broomsticks

Mischievous goblins playing magic tricks

The witch’s cackle chilling to the ear


Love yourself..

The Darkest Fairytale

I’m only average
And I’m not thin,
Emotions don’t pass
This concrete skin.
I’m covered in tattoos
Hiding the scars,
Which I lose my head
Within the stars.
I don’t need affection
Or your presents,
Yes I’m very strange
And rather intense.
I don’t need you to love me
Because I love myself
Spend your time
Loving another,
Or learn to love yourself.


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Living the Life You Were Meant to Live

This mini autobiography is a short account about my life as of recent

Listening to yesterday’s sermon (October 2nd 2016) at my local church, I tried as hard as possible to process and remember all that I had heard. The sermon’s title was Living the Life You Were Meant to Live, and it couldn’t have applied to me more. So far, we were in the third part of this current series.

Our pastor started off by teaching us that people often fail to live up to who God created them to be. The last thing I ever wanted was to fall into that category. But then, nobody does. The reason? Because God created us all to be believers in Christ and possess His grace. And it is the grace of God gives us the ability to fulfil the plans and purposes He has set for us.

I’ve been through way too many tough times that I’m bound to have lost count. The only thing I have ever wanted to do during these countless tough times is escape from this life of constant daily struggles and take refuge elsewhere. I already know I’m not the only one – I’m everybody feels that way. As human beings, every single person in my church, every other church, and every single other place has various struggles of all kinds. In fact the whole world is filled with struggles. And one thing we shouldn’t focus on is struggles – especially yesterday’s struggles.

This sermon’s scripture mentioned something about “putting the past in its place”, which is exactly what I plan to work hard at. It sounds impossible, but it’s not. As long as we not only have the right influential people in our lives to guide us, but also bear in mind the fact that we were cleansed of our past and present sins. And the best way to do that is to view Christ Jesus as a reference source and God–given example.

As I left the church service with a refreshed mind, I made the life-changing decision to revise and review the sermon once or twice, going over the extra notes I had made. When I had finished, there was one more important key thing I learned: Whatever holds my attention will determine my destination and devotion. And from now on, I’ve promised myself that my attention will be on what I want in life – not on any of the things that get in the way of life.


A good psychotherapist

Is a professional one

With the right PhD

And is an expert in one specific field


A good psychotherapist

Is a genuinely humane one

With good qualities and education

And has all the empathy in the world


Road to recovery

Medication keeps me calm

Replaces anxiety with serenity

At the tip of a palm

Therapeutic daily activities bring amenity


Resilience starts to take over

Fills my mind with pleasing thoughts

No side effects, no hangover

From the illness I have fought