Weary, troubled and burdened before

You entered my life, promised no more

Hardships or doubts or fears

For they’re all gone with the tears

When I lie down, I won’t be afraid

Your compassion and mercy never fade

Restore my life, revive me by your word

That speaks powerful comfort, felt and heard


Where There is Life…

Never give up on life

Never give up hope

Never surrender the fight

Even if there seems no way to cope


Hope is the last thing ever lost

Says an Old Italian proverb

Everything else is gone, hope remains

Even at one’s lowest, life has much to offer


Never stop believing things will improve

They will turn around for the better

Never let go of that anchor

That prevents you from becoming bitter


There is help out there

Shown through open doors

Those wishing for healing

Needn’t suffer in silence anymore

Staying Hopeful

Hope gives life to our spirits

Optimism is as essential as oxygen

Positivity energizes the soul

Energy lifts up and strengthens the mind

Free from depression and its painful grip

Using pain and suffering for good

Light overpowers traces of darkness

All I Ever Wish For

I have dreams and wishes

Those have yet to come true

To have a life outside of home

Rather than just exist


I can see it clearly now

Living in prosperity and success

Someone to love me for whom I am

Experiencing all that I have missed

Sinful Desires of the Human Heart

Unwanted temptations harbour us

Distracting us from doing right

Rosy red apples, irresistible and juicy thus

Appealing enough for one to indulge in bites


Hunger takes over us

After we fast forty days, forty nights

Devil’s food plays tricks, lures us

Don’t bite the apple, follow the light

Walking on Water

Even when I encounter storms

From my right or my left

Holy Spirit in three forms

Save my soul from being bereft


I will not fear the storms

I’ve been taught not to be afraid

Multitudes approach Him in swarms

The Trinity comes to their aid


He is on top of every storm

Our Messiah walks on water

Young and old hearts kept warm

By knowledge they’re His sons and daughters

road to recovery

Medication keeps me calm

Replaces anxiety with serenity

At the tip of a palm

Therapeutic daily activities bring amenity


Resilience starts to take over

Fills my mind with pleasing thoughts

No side effects, no hangover

From the illness I have fought