spiritual awakening

Wishing I could take control

Take my life into my own hands

Prevent bad things from happening

Make a change within the lands


I was once completely blind

Now my spiritual eyes have opened

Worldly vision has been unlocked

Barriers have been broken


Sacrifice all things material

Let old habits die fast

Time to abandon the superficial

In order to avoid feeling downcast


Search for deep meaning

Find a way to impact the world

With positivity and brightness

Connected by a large pearl


life journal

I wake up each morning

With the sun shining through my window

Next chapter in my life begins

Just like a novel’s intro


Every day I anticipate

Every night I contemplate

The direction in which I’ll go

Leading to my fate


I dream about my life

Being like a well-watered fountain

Situated in a bright and beautiful garden

Free of obscuring mountains


In reality it’s hard to cope

But where there’s life there’s hope

I trust my inner intuition

Hanging on by a straight rope

young adulthood

That tough part of someone’s life

When they need to spread their wings

The most crucial time in life

To learn about skills, achieve typical things


Some need time to adjust

Entering the young adult stage

Given required guidance, not thrust

Or abandoned without advice from others their age


Give one another the chance to live and learn

Let us be human beings

Being human means the chance to earn

The right to express our feelings


Developmental and psychological milestones flourish

As young adults grow and value knowledge

Discover life’s meaning and be encouraged

To find confidence and solace


Life as a young adult involves daily challenges

Which may take years to overcome

The right paths and passages

Lead to catching up with everyone


Mature gradually, not too fast

Living each day as though it is our last

Pray more worry less

Don’t be troubled about anything

Trust the Lord with everything

If you let your anxiety decrease

The merciful one will give you peace

Trust in Him at times of trouble

Rest assured you’ll receive double

For all that you’ve lost

In the King’s favour there’s no cost

Your life is more valuable than the birds

Created in God’s image, too indescribable for words

Don’t worry about tomorrow

For there will be no more sorrow



If at first we don’t succeed

With what we work hard at

We lift ourselves from the pit

And put in more effort


If one tiny mustard seed can shift mountains

Then it can grow courage in seconds flat

I’ve found it in myself not to quit

Because things will turn out for the better

Patience Is a Virtue

Patience helps us when we feel low

Patience helps others in our lives

Patience is what the Lord teaches us

It is the only way for answered prayers


Patience fulfils what has been promised

Patience is rewarded with good fortune

Patience brings blessings and renewing of strength

As long as there is patience there is hope and power

A Happier Life

I can’t wait for the time

When I start feeling happier

That time will only come

Once life changes for the better


My wish is to travel around

And have a life outside home

To have independence and freedom

Which means a life worth living


Happiness can be found

As long as there is light

Positivity comes in different forms

Poetry is one special technique

In which we can find joy

Not all days feel hopeful

Even in the darkest times

Stop being dragged down

Start being lifted up